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Arianna Price

Senior Staff Attorney

Arianna Price has extensive experience in appellate and habeas corpus law.  Since 2016, Ms. Price's work has helped to free six people from prison who cumulatively lost nearly 200 years in prison for crimes they did not commit. 


Ms. Price worked a clinical student at the Project for the Innocent at Loyola Law School for three years. She focused her studies and work around criminal defense and state and federal post-conviction litigation. 


After law school, Ms. Price continued her work with Project for the Innocent as a post-graduate fellow, and an Adjunct Professor.  There, Ms. Price trained and supervised law students and volunteers who actively worked on case of wrongfully convicted incarcerated people, and taught classes on wrongful conviction. 

Ms. Price also has experience in civil rights litigation under 42 U.S. Code § 1983.  Ms. Price has worked on cases involving the deprivation of prisoners’ rights, violations of protestors’ rights, and compensation for the deprivation of liberty due to wrongful conviction.

Ms. Price is admitted to practice law in both California and Arizona. She began a private law firm–Tucson Defenders–with her husband in her hometown, Tucson, Arizona, where she practices in criminal defense, appellate and post-conviction.


Ms. Price's work with Cal-IA, her experience and her passion for innocence work are invaluable.  litigation.

Senior Staff Attorney
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