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District Attorney Accountability Coalition
District Attorney Accountability Coalition

California Innocence Advocates is proud to belong to the District Attorney Accountability Coalition, an alliance of Los Angeles County justice reform organizations, organizers, artists, and individuals who are directly impacted by the criminal legal system. 

Prosecutors are the most powerful officials in the American criminal legal system and they must remain accountable to the People. 

Forensic Genealogy Genetics
Investigative Genetic Genealogy Center

The Investigative Genetic Genealogy Center is the only program in the nation to offer casework, research, and hands-on education in investigative genealogy.  

This emerging forensic science has helped to exonerate wrongfully convicted people after decades in prison and has helped to identify the true perpetrator of crimes where other methods have failed. 

IGG's generous pro bono services include DNA testing in Post-Conviction Advocates' cases where investigative genetic genealogy may exonerate our innocent clients. 

Work Evolution
Work Evolution Laboratories

We are very grateful to our partners at Work Evolution Laboratories for their generous donation of space to do our work, fighting for the unjustly incarcerated. 

Re-entry Employment
Five Keys
Assistive Technology Development

Five Keys offers transitional employment and reentry services to help individuals find permanent employment, progress along educational pathways, or enroll in progressive job training. Job readiness workshops, reentry support, access to high school completion, and hosted resource groups are also provided. 

Five Keys works closely with many in-custody and reentry partners to help provide wraparound services post-release which greatly increases the chances that inmate/students will use what they’ve learned in school to establish a positive lifestyle, employment and reduce recidivism.

Assistive Technology Development creates an ecosystem of mobility devices to enable low cost independence for the elderly and disabled, no matter their level of physical ability.  ATDev will enable our re-entering clients to acquire valuable training and work experience in engineering and the development of new assistive technology. Through this partnership, our clients who are hired by ATDev, will be empowered with gainful employment upon release.

Mass Liberation

Mass Liberation

California Innocence Advocates are proud partners with Mass Liberation. Every individual on earth is deserving of a free life. We believe that with compassion, and empathy we can take a step forward towards a life without bars.

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